Checklist for Safe Car Rentals in Mumbai

 1. High Rates

Charging more than the ongoing market rates is a common scam in Mumbai. You are likely to run across this scheme if you are renting a car from a hotel. When you call for a car rental at a hotel counter, you will be charged more. If, for instance, a Toyota Innova AC is available on the market for Rs. 2,500 for 8 hours and 80 kilometers check here, they would charge you Rs. 3,500 for the same distance and duration, just because you’re a foreign tourist and haven’t researched the market prices.

 This scheme is not necessarily done by malevolent people. The hotel bills you its commission for the car hire, and the car rental company also needs to pay for having a counter at the hotel. You will end up being charged (a lot) more than what the market price is.

2. Personal safety

When you are hiring a car from an airport or take a taxi, there is always the risk that your luggage and/or documents get stolen. A common myth says that when you land at the airport, you should get a local taxi to save money. Don’t do it, because it’s a risky job. At we see that you and your goods are safe in the car – you just need to tell the driver if you have something of value in your luggage. Example of a trusted company, during this financial year a trusted car rental company has returned more than 10 mobile phones to their customers who had left them in our cars.

3. Aggressive shopping agreements

Some unscrupulous car rental companies will guide you towards expensive shops, because they have a hidden agreement with the store owners and get a commission for every unknowing customer who buys from them. You will end up spending a lot more for the same goods because, again, they can see you are a foreigner and aren’t familiar with the market prices.

4. Overcharging for distance and/or time

A common fraud with car rentals in Mumbai is the overcharging per distance and/or duration of the ride. You may, for instance, be told that you have traveled 100 kilometers and have booked the car for only 80, or that the ride took 5 hours and you have only booked 4. It is to your best interest to put down the time and the reading on the odometer before you start the ride. Please be reminded that all rental companies in Mumbai charge distance and duration from garage to garage – it’s a standard rule, so you will also be billed for the distance and duration from where you are dropped off to the garage.

5. Fake parking charges

You may have to leave the car in the parking lot at some points. A frequent scam involves the driver stopping in a free parking area, then some accomplice of his handing him over a fake receipt, which you will be charged for.

6. Women’s Safety

Its always better to hire and pay more to a trusted car rental company rather hiring from the local taxi company or fleet provider, there have been cases of rapes & molestation with women’s travelling in fleet taxi. here is a good article on the topic

Also if you are looking to hire a car from a trusted car rental provider in mumbai you can always call on these number – 09870493800 or +919967391103

Updated on 13th june 2021.