Mumbai to Shirdi Car Rentals Rates in 2019

Sai Baba Photo

Year after year, countless of devotees from all-over the world start a pilgrimage to Shirdi to visit the temple of Sai Baba, Maharashtra’s most popular and famous saint. It is one of the greatest religious pilgrimages in the world – for instance, the Samahdi chamber (the original Butti house) has the great Sai statue and his Samadhi and attracts millions of visitors each year.  SaiBaba Photo – The Sainagar-Shirdi-Dadar train was introduced a few years ago and is currently the most popular way to travel from Mumbai to Shirdi. We intend to make our car rental service an even more … Read more

Mumbai to Khopoli Imagica Taxi Rentals

Are you prepared to take a ride along the Mumbai-Pune expressway to experience family entertainment at an unprecedented level by visiting the recently opened theme park that is, Adlabs Imagica! Of all the options to get to Khopoli Imagica, a rental car would seem like the most feasible option, especially if one is traveling with family or as a group of friends. Before we tell you how you can reach Adlabs Imagica in your rented car, let’s build up the excitement a little. Travelling to Khopoli-Imagica by rental car Call – 9619378898 or 9967391103 Traveling to Khopoli by road is … Read more

Water Park Near Mumbai – Top 5 list

Water Kingdom ( located near Global Pagoda Road,) The Water Kingdom is Asia’s largest water theme park. It has everything from wildly turning slides to super soaking drop offs and it’s a very affordable visit. The Cost For one adult, you’ll have to pay 920, provided that your height is above 4’6”. It’s 649 for a child, which is between 3’3” and 4’6”. For senior citizens that are 60 years and older, one ticket costs 378. ( last updated 16th march 2018) please check for current rates. The Attractions One of the most fun attractions is the What A … Read more

Travelling Mumbai to Aurangabad

Mumbai to Aurangabad 1

About Aurangabad The name Aurangabad comes from an ancient emperor from Mughal named Aurangzeb Aurangabad. While the city wasn’t officially founded until 1610, it’s one of the main four important cities today of Maharashtra. While the city has undergone drastic changes in the last few decades, particularly in the industrial boom and the rapid growth of the city, Aurangabad hasn’t strayed away from their cultural heritage and traditions that founded the city. Tourists love going to this city for some of the historical attractions and tourist attractions. There’s a lot of different historical monuments to explore and there’s the Ajanta … Read more