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Year after year, countless of devotees from all-over the world start a pilgrimage to Shirdi to visit the temple of Sai Baba, Maharashtra’s most popular and famous saint. It is one of the greatest religious pilgrimages in the world – for instance, the Samahdi chamber (the original Butti house) has the great Sai statue and his Samadhi and attracts millions of visitors each year.

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Mumbai to Shirdi

The Sainagar-Shirdi-Dadar train was introduced a few years ago and is currently the most popular way to travel from Mumbai to Shirdi. We intend to make our car rental service an even more popular service, because we have lots of advantages over the train:

You can leave at any time of day or night. The train only travels at night – it departs Dadar (central Mumbai) at 9.45 pm and gets to Sainagar Shirdi at 3.55 am. Granted, you can be there on time for the holy call at 4.30 am, but not everybody wants to get to the sermon after an exhausting trip. And if you want to catch some sleep in a hotel, get ready to shell out at least 2,000 rupees for a decent room. If you choose our transportation service, you can get leave Mumbai and get to Shirdi at any time of the day – you are not tied to the train’s rather corny hours. more information about the Shirdi railway station , You can book a trip on any day of the week. The train from Mumbai to Shirdi only travels three days a week – on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. If you come from oversees and get to Mumbai on a Thursday morning then you are out of luck – you will have to wait until Saturday night to catch a train.

We are faster. The train is very slow. We find it rather amusing how it’s categorized as “Super Fast” in spite of the fact that the regular schedule is of 6 hours and 5 minutes for 333 kilometers (an average speed of only 54 km/h) and it’s usually more than half an hour late. On an average day, our professional chauffeurs will take you there in 5 hours or less.

Our cars are much more comfortable than a train seat. Would you prefer to ride in a crowded train (because, trust us, trains from Mumbai to Shirdi are crowded even in the off-season) or on the backseat of a luxurious car?

Rates for a same day Trip from Mumbai to Shirdi and back with Driver –

Midsize AC Car ( Toyota Etios AC ) – 7700/- All included

Toyota Innova AC – 9250/- All included

Toyota Crysta AC – 10,800/- All included

Whatsapp or Call for booking +919967391103, +9870493800 for exact rates and more car option quotes.

These are the main benefits of traveling with us rather than taking the train. The choice is yours, but given the affluence of clients we get on this route, we’ve recently considered supplementing the number of cars dedicated for the route. Our take is that, once people realize how much better our service is, they will ditch the train and start using us. Jump in the bandwagon before it’s too late, or get stuck with the crowd. You’re so much better with us.

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Updated on  – 6th may 2023.