Mumbai Tourist Guide and Information

Mumbai can offer you a great experience, but there are some tips you need to keep in mind if you want a pleasant and hassle-free stay.

Traveling tips

If, at some points, you are going to travel with other means of transportation than those offered by us, keep these tips in mind.

  • If you are not going to take a prepaid or a metered taxi, always negotiate the fee before taking off.
  • If you are going to spend a lot of time with a driver, make sure he speaks English. It will make communication a lot easier we suggest you to hire a car rental in mumbai by trusted being in service for over 15 years now.
  • Always follow the travel warning signs. Some areas in Mumbai aren’t safe for foreigners.
  • Keep a copy of your passport and visa at the hotel. If you happen to lose your papers, a copy will help you get back home.
  • Always carry your passport with you. Put a note inside with the phone number of your embassy or consulate.

Common courtesy

Here are some tips to show respect and courtesy to the locals and their culture.

  • Learn to say at least a couple of words in Hindi, like Hello, Thank you, Yes, No and Goodbye.
  • When inside a church or a temple, turn off your cell phone or put it on vibrations. If you get a call and must take it, go outside.
  • If you have a complaint, do it in a normal voice, without shouting or yelling.
  • Always remove your shoes when entering a temple, church or mosque. It is a sign of respect, and this rule is always enforced.


Do not drink tap water – don’t even brush your teeth with it. Bottled water is sold for cheap everywhere – between Rs 10 and Rs 15, or around $0.25 USD for one liter – so stick with it. When buying it, make sure that the seal is intact and that there aren’t any things floating inside.

Watch out for petty theft

There are some horror stories about bikers who snatch purses, gold chains and cell phones. Most of them are exaggerations though – even though such thieves do exist, they mainly target Indian women and not tourists.

What you are likely to encounter are unscrupulous taxi drivers who will try to charge a higher fare (some will even use counterfeit meters to overcharge you), pickpocketing, and petty scams (like some friendly stranger who offers you a great deal on whatever product you are looking for, takes the money and disappears with it). Keep alert and watchful, and you will be safe.

Photography tips

If you are traveling to Mumbai on vacation, you are probably going to take lots and lots of pictures. Here is a brief guide of do’s and don’ts.

  • If there are signs that say “No pictures”, then don’t take any. You risk hefty fines. Airports, military bases and embassies are usually in this category.
  • Don’t take pictures of worshippers. It is considered rude, and you will annoy the locals.
  • Keep your eyes on the camera all the time.
  • Bring more memory cards and batteries than you think you will need. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Pay attention to monkeys

You will run into many monkeys in Mumbai, especially around temples. Those who have been fed by humans may sometimes become aggressive if they want more food. Here are some tips:

  • No matter how cute the monkeys look, remember that they are wild animals and can get unpredictable.
  • Keep track of all monkeys around you. If you become distracted with one animal, another one (or a few of them) may snatch your food.
  • Don’t carry food in the open.
  • Hold on tightly to any handbag (purse, laptop bag, camera bag). The monkeys might snatch it and run.
  • If you get bitten or scratched by a monkey, clean the wound and consult a doctor immediately!

Money tips

  • Check all bills/receipts for errors. Some unscrupulous clerks might try to overcharge you.
  • Don’t leave cash or any other valuables in the hotel room. Use the hotel’s safes or safety boxes if offered, or carry them with you.
  • Do not flash large sums of money or expensive jewelry.
  • Do not exchange money on the black market. After exchanging in an authorized establishment, get a receipt.
  • Do not pay for anything upfront (except for the hotel room).

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Helpline numbers for emergency –

Police – 100 ( from a local phone)

Accident Cases only ( Ambulance) – 102 ( from a local phone)

updated june 2021.