Checklist for Safe Car Rentals in Mumbai

 1. High Rates Charging more than the ongoing market rates is a common scam in Mumbai. You are likely to run across this scheme if you are renting a car from a hotel. When you call for a car rental at a hotel counter, you will be charged more. If, for instance, a Toyota Innova AC is available on the market for Rs. 2,200 for 8 hours and 80 kilometers check here, they would charge you Rs. 3,500 for the same distance and duration, just because you’re a foreign tourist and haven’t researched the market prices.  This scheme is not … Read more

Mumbai Tourist Guide and Information

Mumbai can offer you a great experience, but there are some tips you need to keep in mind if you want a pleasant and hassle-free stay. Traveling tips If, at some points, you are going to travel with other means of transportation than those offered by us, keep these tips in mind. If you are not going to take a prepaid or a metered taxi, always negotiate the fee before taking off. If you are going to spend a lot of time with a driver, make sure he speaks English. It will make communication a lot easier. Always follow the … Read more