Mumbai Darshan Taxi Service in 2020

Mumbai Darshan Tips

Mumbai, still commonly referred to as Bombay, is India’s jewel of the West and the financial and entertainment capital of the country. The city has come to be known by many names such as the city of seven islands, the Gateway to India and the Hollywood of India. The city lies on the west coast of India and is the wealthiest city in the country with a GDP surpassing those of any other city in Asia. Owing to its deep natural harbour which has facilitated trade and growth on an unprecedented scale, Mumbai has grown to become the most prosperous … Read more

Luxury Car Rentals In Mumbai

Mercedes E class rental mumbai

Mumbai, the city of glitz and glamour, full of premier restaurants and five-star hotels, attracts hundreds of vacationers & Business persons every year, both domestic and foreign. The citizens of Mumbai itself are rather in love with their chaotic city as well! Being the center of high fashion and finance, this cosmopolitan metropolis attracts Indians from all over the country like moths to a flame. With the world’s most expensive home and numerous Bollywood stars residing in upscale neighborhoods, Mumbai has a natural affinity to all things glittery and shiny. And there is nothing wrong with some sparkle and glitter … Read more

Terminal 2, Mumbai CSIA

The City that Never Sleeps, the City of Dreams, the Business Capital of the Country, and the Melting Pot of cultures, traditions, and lifestyles – Mumbai, has many names and as many feathers in its cap. The coveted cap, though, has had a shiny and sparkling feather added to it, in the form of the new age Terminal 2. A design inspired from the national bird Peacock, signifying the perfect marriage of the powers of flight and beauty; an ode to the science of design and architecture, an iconic blend of operational efficiency and customer convenience focused architecture – the … Read more

Checklist for Safe Car Rentals in Mumbai

 1. High Rates Charging more than the ongoing market rates is a common scam in Mumbai. You are likely to run across this scheme if you are renting a car from a hotel. When you call for a car rental at a hotel counter, you will be charged more. If, for instance, a Toyota Innova AC is available on the market for Rs. 2,200 for 8 hours and 80 kilometers check here, they would charge you Rs. 3,500 for the same distance and duration, just because you’re a foreign tourist and haven’t researched the market prices.  This scheme is not … Read more