What Car People Rented Highest in Mumbai with Driver

Toyota Etios AC – Best Midsize AC Car

The Toyota Etios midsize sedan is one of the best ranked midsize sedans in Asia. The Etios has won several awards including the J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2017 award for being one of the most highly dependable midsize sedans. This also was in part due to the fact that the Etios has a uniquely designed frame which has an impact absorption body. Also, there’s an advanced ABS in the car that will help avoid unnecessary collisions on the road. The 1.5L engine may be small but packs a punch on the open road, getting you quickly to your target destination.

Toyota Etios AC

  • The cabin of the Toyota Etios AC has a lot of space for storing your belongings and plenty of glovebox room for your carry on personal things

  • The rear trunk is very spacious and allows you to haul several items of large luggage with ease

  • The Toyota Etios AC is packed with safety features for when the driver is backing up, when the driver needs to brake suddenly or even parking as motion sensors can detect and avoid an accident

  • The soft leather seating assures your comfort for the ride and the vehicle has been built to withstand intense crashes, which is why it has won several J.D. Power awards

Toyota Innova Crysta AC - Best SUV/MUV

For a smooth ride that you and your friends can enjoy, the Toyota Innova Crysta AC is a fully featured SUV with a beautiful interior decoration. This SUV packs a lot of power and functionality all rolled into one, with two different drive modes for economic friendly driving and a suspension that keeps the SUV smooth and non-bouncy for the entire cabin. There’s also plenty of safety features inside the SUV, which has front and side airbags in case of a rollover or crash.

Toyota Crysta

  • Comes packed with power and has a torque of 4,000 RPM with the petrol engine

  • Has an economic friendly driving mode for inner city driving that will let out less emissions into the atmosphere

  • Comes equipped with safety airbags on the front of the dashboard and on the sides of the vehicle where the windows are

  • Glossy alloy wheels and a brand-new suspension give this SUV a smooth ride without any bumps or annoyances during your travels

  • For customer convenience, the windows have chrome lining so people can’t see inside the cabin, if you’re someone who doesn’t like being stared at

  • The interior of the seats are a premium leather finish and the interior panels are made out of wood

  • There’s a spot in the glove box to put your drinks and there’s cooling to help keep them cold

Toyota Corolla Altis - Best Semi Luxury

The Toyota Corolla Altis has a fierce lean grill which gives it an empowering look. The interior of the Corolla Altis comes equipped with 7 different SRS safety airbags for accident protection. With a maximum power of 6,400 rpms, this semi-luxury car will get you from point A to point B in no time, with the added assurance of safety features to keep you and your family safe. The engine, while small, is a 1.8L powerhouse which eliminates bumps and provides a smooth ride.

Toyota Corolla Altis

  • The turbo capabilities of the 1.8L engine make this vehicle a premium choice for semi-luxury enthusiasts and gets you to your destination fast

  • The stylish rear and frontal lights, along with the grille and alloy wheels will allow you to arrive to your destination in style or maybe impress the people you’re meeting

  • The seats are rear reclining and have 5 different angles they can be adjusted to, for ultimate comfort

  • While the car looks small, this car has plenty of space in the cabin for storing items and it’s one of the most spacious cars in its own class

  • Has multiple chargers included in the cabin so if you need to charge multiple phones, the driver can assist you with that

Mercedes E Class and BMW 5 Series – Best Luxury

Mercedes E-Class on rent in mumbai

The Mercedes E-Class lineup of luxury vehicles have been produced since 1993 and have won multiple awards across different markets all over the world. It’s also the best-selling model of the Mercedes Benz and sold more than 13 million in 2015 alone. These vehicles while they may not pack power in the engine department, are great for showing off and looking classy when you arrive in style.

Mercedes E Class


  • The E-Class lineup has a lot of high-tech features like being able to talk to other vehicles to expand on their surplus of safety features

  • Technology built into the newest E-Class lineup allow you to know where accidents and hazards are, so you can avoid them

  • In the event of an accident, the E-Class has something called PRE-SAFE installed, which emits a harmless noise that makes the bang of an accident less harmful

BMW 5 Series on rent in mumbai 

The BMW 5 Series of cars are a bit older and have been in production since 1972. BMW 5 Series are the best selling models right under the 3 series. There’s a lot of features inside BMW 5 Series cars and they’re highly versatile as well. They may not be as stylish as some other luxury cars but where they lack in style, they make up for in functionality

  • The 5 Series has a wide array of aerodynamics features from airflow to moveable slats

  • For safety, the driver has complete access to their environment with 3D surround view via monitor

  • Remote parking is smooth and allows for a quick and safe parking job when you arrive to your destination

  • There’s plenty of leg room and trunk room for your luggage as well

BMW 7 series and Mercedes S Class – Best Super Luxury

BMW 7 Series on rent in mumbai

With heavy use of carbon for the development, the 7 Series lineup is one of the most sophisticated vehicles produced in the super luxury market. This vehicle isn’t for large crowds but for the executive traveler who wants plenty of legroom and an enjoyable ride to their destination.

BMW 7 Series


  • Has massagers built right into the seats for the tired or exhausted traveler

  • Allows you to expand the legroom of the rear seating, so you can kickback, prop up your legs and enjoy the ride

  • Has a command tablet that allows you to control everything in the car from the air to the sound

Mercedes S Class on rent in mumbai

The S Class lineup of sedans are all about safety and comfort. The S Class has built in technology to not only spot potential hazards and accidents but can even prevent accidents from behind you. High powered beams allow you to see everything clear as day when driving in the night. For people with iPhones, the S Class also allows people to wirelessly charge their devices

Mercedes S CLass


  • Has pristine high-quality lighting, music and massage capabilities

  • Equipped with a turbo 4.0L V8 engine, so your ride will always be short and exotic

  • Equipped with a 4MATIC for handling on the road, even when it’s wet where other luxury cars would fall short

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updated 2021 june 13th, the list still remains the same in 2021!