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Luxury Car Rental in Mumbai With Driver ( BMW, Mercedes on Rent)

If you want to get around Mumbai or outside of Mumbai in style, then you can’t go wrong with a luxury vehicle. Fancy interior designs, great features for your leisure and a smooth pleasurable ride. If you’re on a business trip and need to get around in something fancy, our luxury car rental services offer a range of vehicles including the Toyota Corolla Altis, Honda Accord, Mercedes and BMW. The best part is, all of our luxury cars have an affordable rate.

Toyota Corolla Altis – The smooth interior of this car is comfortable to the touch and sleek for the eyes. The cabin of the car has a fair amount of ambience and there’s a lot of legroom in the back as well. This car isn’t just for the eyes, there’s a lot of safety and positive health features in the car as well, such as an adjustable lumbar support and some high-tech safety features for the driver as well. The stability of the car is great and it has great control.

Honda Accord – The handling and riding motion of the Honda Accord is superb. While this car comes in many models, our Honda Accord rentals come with a powerful engine and a soft interior that’s comfortable for both short and long rides. There’s plenty of generous leg room in the back, so you won’t have to worry about being cramped.

Mercedes – The Mercedes is one of the most efficient luxury cars in the world today and doesn’t cost the price of something like an Audi. They’re environmentally friendly and Mercedes has been making a push to make things more electric than fuel powered for a while now. Mercedes vehicles are also loaded with lifesaving technology in the event of a crash.

BMW – Aside from the great curb appeal of the BMW, they also have been improving on providing energy efficient power that’s healthy for the environment. Also, the size of the BMW has prominence on the road and they’re sure to awe people when you arrive at your destination. They’re a highly innovative and fun car model.

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Local Luxury Car Rental in Mumbai

If you want to turn some heads or maybe you want to impress your date, then arriving to your destination in a luxury vehicle is one of the best decisions you can make. Whether it’s a local venue such as a restaurant, an event or a meeting, you’ll be sure to impress whenever you arrive. Luxury cars are affordable, mysterious and add some class to your style.

Car type 8 hours & 80 kms 12 hours & 120 kms Extra kms Extra hours
Toyota Corolla ALtis 3200/- 5000/- 30/- 300/-
Toyota Camry 6500/- 12500/- 65/- 650/-
Mercedes E class 10000/- 15500/- 100/- 1000/-
BMW 5 Series 12000/- 16500/- 120/- 1200/-
Mercedes S Class 18000/- 28000/- 180/- 1800/-

Outstation Luxury Car Rental in Mumbai

In the past, luxury cars were known as gas guzzlers, which is why people never used them for outstation rentals. Today however, they’re fuel efficient and a lot of manufacturers are making big pushes to make them environmentally friendly. They’re extremely comfortable, smooth on the road and can get you to your destination quick. Luxury vehicles also come loaded with safety features in the event of an accident to help you feel safe.

Car type Per kms Min kms Driver Charges per day in INR
Toyota Corolla ALtis Rs.30/- 250 kms 500
Toyota Camry Rs.55/- 250 kms 500
Mercedes E class Rs.85/- 250 kms 1000
BMW 5 Series Rs.90/- 250 kms 1000
Mercedes S Class Rs.150/- 250 kms 1000

Terms and Condition for hiring Luxury Car with Driver in Mumbai

    •    All Cars come with Driver(Chauffeur), we don't have Self Drive option
    •    Toll and Parking Charges are Extra as per actuals
    •    Outstation and local city use or any other drop off will not be clubbed together, local charges extra if car used in mumbai after outstation.
    •    All charges are from garage to garage Time & KMS- we are located 1.5 kilometers from the Mumbai International Airport & 4 kilometers from the Mumbai Domestic Airport.
    •    Outstation driver charges Rs.400/- per day
    •    Min running 250 kms per day for Outstation, Day means morning 7am to 11.30 pm in the night.
    •    All charges in Indian currency
    •    Cancellation Charges Applicable for all Booking. 100% Cancellation for luxury cars if canceled 12 hours before the trip.
   •    Please book your car at least 24 hours before you will need it. & This ensures that you will not be experiencing any delays in service.
    •    Car AC cannot be kept on in car idling
    •    Incase of a breakdown or accident we will arrange for a replacement car within 120 minutes. we are no way liable for any losses or damage. please keep your belonging in the car on our own risk we are liable for losses or theft from the car. if leaving anything please do inform the driver.

Last Updated on 2nd November 2021


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