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Terms & Conditions


In this document, the following definitions are to be used and so interpreted, except for when the context implies other meanings:

  • Company will refer to Car Rental Mumbai.
  • Employee will refer to any of the Company’s employees including, but not limited to, a driver, a member of the sales and support team, a technician or a member of the administration board.
  • Hirer or Client will refer to the person who signed the contract and who is responsible to pay the fees.
  • Contract will refer to the legal agreement between the Company and the Hirer that specifies all aspects of the service.
  • Hire period will refer to the period of time for which the Car was reserved.
  • Booking will refer to the period of time for which the Client has honored the Hire agreement and the corresponding amounts have been paid in full.
  • Reservation will refer to a Hire contract in which a deposit was made but the amount was not paid in full yet.
  • Vehicle or Car will refer to the car that the Company offers the Hirer.
  • Balance will refer to the amounts due under these Terms and Conditions, less whatever deposits have been paid, if any.
  • Chauffeur or Driver will refer to the Employee who will drive the Vehicle.
  • Party will refer to the person or group of people who accompany the Client inside the Vehicle.
  • Deposit will refer to the charges due under the present Terms and Conditions of agreement that are necessary to secure a Reservation.
  • Charge will refer to the amount paid by the Client in exchange for which the Company assumes its obligations stated in the Contract.


The Hirer is responsible and will be held accountable for the proper behavior of all the passengers in his Party. The Hirer is responsible and will be held accountable for any damages caused to either the inside or the outside of the Car by the Client or a member of the Party, regardless of how these were caused, as long as the aforementioned damages aren’t the result of the normal operating of the vehicle. This includes, but is not limited to, incitement or behavior resulting in damages to the vehicle, soiling the chairs or the carpets with food or drink, as well as the outcomes of any traffic accident resulting from the Hirer or a member of his party distracting the Chauffeur.

The Company is not to be held accountable for any personal injuries or property damages arising from the misconduct of the Hirer or a member of the Party.

The Company is not to be held liable or in any way responsible for any items left in the vehicle. It is solely the Hirers responsibility to make sure that neither the Hirer nor a member of the Party leaves any personal belongings unattended in the Vehicle.

The Hirer is solely responsible for the general conduct of the Party.

The Hirer will be held responsible, on behalf of the whole Party, for any losses or property damages incurred by the Company following their misconduct. This includes, but is not limited to, damage and losses to the items provided by the Company for the pleasure of the passengers, such as glassware, CDs or DVD.

General Conduct

Consumption of food is not allowed inside the Vehicle, unless specific agreements have been made prior to the Booking and consigned in writing.

Underage drinking is not allowed inside the Vehicle.

If the Vehicle requires cleaning after the Client has finished using it, and the mess has been caused by the Client or a member of his Party, the Client will be held liable for the cleaning expenses. If the Chauffeur is delayed on a subsequent job due to having to clean the car, the Client will also be charged for these delays.

Safety requirements

The Company has a strict no-smoking policy inside all Vehicles. Failure to comply with this requirement may lead to the immediate cancellation of the Contract, without a refund. Moreover, the Client may be held liable for the charges related to cleaning the inside of the vehicle, as well as eventual damages caused by burns to the seats and carpets.

The Client and each member of his Party must wear a seat belt. All the Vehicles in the Company's fleet are equipped with as many seat belts as the maximum number of passengers that the Vehicle is allowed to carry. The Client agrees to cover all fines the Company and/or the Chauffeur may receive as a result of the Client or a member of the Party not wearing a seat belt.

The Company strongly prohibits the use of illegal drugs or employing any illegal activities while inside the Car. Failing to comply with this may result in immediate cancellation of the Contract, without any refunds.

In the event of an emergency, only the Driver will be allowed to open and close the doors, as a safety measure against accidents or other damages to the Vehicle. The Company is not to be held liable for any accidents resulting from the Client or a member of the Party failing to comply with this rule. Moreover, the Client hereby accepts to cover all damages to the Vehicle that may result from not following this rule.

The Hirer agrees not to carry more members of the Party than the Vehicle can legally carry. The maximum allowed number of passengers in a Company Vehicle is given by the total number of seats equipped with a seat belt. Moreover, the Hirer is hereby notified that the Chauffeur will refuse to transport more passengers than the statutory maximum.

If the Hirer has ordered a child seat to be accommodated -- or has brought one -- it is the Hirer’s responsibility to make sure that the baby seat has been correctly fitted before having the infant placed into the seat. If the Hirer considers that the seat has not been correctly fitted, it is the Hirer’s responsibility not to have the infant use it. The Company or the Employees, including the Chauffeur, shall not be held liable for accidents arising from a misfitted child seat.

Irresponsible behavior from the Hirer or the Party may lead to damage to the Vehicle or put the safety of others at risk, and shall not be tolerated in any form. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to, sitting on the edge of the Vehicles windows, shouting profanities at other traffic participants or pedestrians, being rude to the Chauffeur, misusing the Vehicles equipment or any voluntary damage to the Vehicle’s interior. Such behavior might, at the Chauffeurs discretion, result in immediate termination of the Contract without any refunds, as well as criminal charges pressed, if applicable. The Hirer is solely responsible for the behavior of the Party.

Limitation of liability

The Hirer agrees not to hold the Company accountable for any losses directly or indirectly correlated with failure to meet the Hirers deadlines. It is solely the responsibility of the Hirer to make sure that there is enough time to get to the destination; the Company will provide indications and advice, but travel times are in no way guaranteed.

The Hirer agrees that the car equipment, such as LCD screens and DVD players, are provided as a courtesy addon and their presence is in no way guaranteed by the Contract. Should, for whatever reason, such equipment malfunction at the moment of the booking or break down while on the road, the Company denies any liability whatsoever, no compensation will be provided and the Company will not honor any claims for a refund.

If the Vehicle is involved in an accident, suffers from a mechanical failure or the Chauffeur decides that it is no longer safe to drive, the Company will do its best effort to arrange alternative transportation for the Hirer and the Party to the destination. The Company may make the decision at its entire discretion, without consulting with the Hirer. Should the Hirer wish, at that point, to arrange alternative transportation, it will be at the Hirer’s own cost, and no claims can be lodged against the Company. The Hirer accepts that the Contract is based on the Companys best endeavors, therefore no guarantees can be made in terms of arrival times, reliability of the Vehicle or any other events that fall out of the control of the Driver, the Company or any of its Employees.

Should, at any point, the Company accept responsibility -- in part or in full -- for not meeting its contractual obligations, the settlement will be not larger than the Charge.

The Company reserves its right to change the specifications of the vehicle at any time during the Hire period. If the replacement vehicle is of a lower segment, proper adjustments will be made to the Clients Charge. The Company will do its best, however, to make sure that the Client gets the Vehicle he or she has booked.

Final considerations

Should, at any point, be any of these terms and conditions be rendered invalid (due, for example, to changes in the local or international legislation) then this agreement will by no means be considered invalid. All other terms and conditions in this document shall remain in force.

The Company may, at its sole discretion, refuse to sign a Contract with a Customer without any explanations.

All figures quoted on this website are in INR and may change without prior notice.

The Company reserves the right to cancel any Booking, at any time, for any reason, with or without explanations, and limits its liability to the amounts paid by the Customer for the Booking.

Cancellation charged applicable for all booking.

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